• Massimo Iacolare

    Massimo Iacolare

    Web developer, quality addicted. Dabbles in C# and JS. Agilist wannabe, tested climber. When not in front of a keyboard, he's probably clinging to some rock

  • Vincent Vanderheeren

    Vincent Vanderheeren

    People person, team builder, organiser, Kanban lover, Agile, Lean, passionate about wine

  • Daniel Hooman

    Daniel Hooman

    Agile Coach | Trainer | Principal Consultant | CLP, SPC4, CSP, CSM, CSPO | #Agile #Scrum #Kanban #Lean #Leadership #BusinessAgility #Analytics #Growthhacking

  • Eduardo Morgan

    Eduardo Morgan

  • Grupo Esfera

    Grupo Esfera

    Desarrollo de software, consultoría y capacitación en arquitectura de sistemas.

  • Omar


    Agile coach - Strategy Plan - Transformational Journeys - Leadership Gift Program Practitioner - Empowering - Living stormily, trying to give more than I take!

  • Anonymous editor

    Anonymous editor

    Stories of bootstrapping a startup, in pseudo realtime.

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